Shared Lives provides support for people aged 16 or over who can’t, when they start using the service, fully support themselves on their own. That could be any of us. It could be someone suffering from a mental health problem, like depression. It could be someone who is 16 and just leaving the care system. It could be someone with a learning or physical disability. It could be a new mum who needs a bit of extra support in the early days. We don’t discriminate – when someone needs a bit of help, we’re here. We support people who have never had any support before, and we support people who have been in the care system their whole lives. No-matter who they are, what stage of life they’re in or what their background is, our aim is to help them live their lives to the fullest.

A match made in heaven   


Like we mentioned earlier, when you become a Shared Lives carer, someone you care for will come to live with you. To make sure you’re going to get on, we provide a matching service. We’ll tell you and the person you’ll be caring for all about each other, and we’ll make sure your lifestyles match up. The great thing about that is, you’re likely to support someone who enjoys the same things as you. So you’ll have one more person on the couch with you when you watch TV, one more dog walking companion, one more vote for a Friday night takeaway and one more person who understands what life can be like sometimes.


Here are some examples of the types of things you might do together:


  • Choosing and ironing an outfit (make Gok Wan proud)

  • Going to medical appointments

  • Cooking (and taking very honest feedback, even if you do   think you’re the next Masterchef)

  • Popping to the shops  

  • Getting in and out of the car

  • Taking medications (spoonful of sugar optional)

  • Going for a walk in the park for some fresh air

  • Getting the right money ready for a bus journey

  • Voting for the X Factor winner  

  • Doing exam revision

  • Talking through a problem at work

Who uses Shared Lives?

But don't just take if from us....


There is something great about putting a smile on Tony's face. I know I've had a part in that. 


I might get paid but this is not like a job. I get to spend my days with a good friend, doing things we enjoy - together.


I love the support I get from PSS, they are always there for me when I need them. You can't beat that team spirit when you're self-employed.

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